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One of the questions I've heard most since arriving here is "So how are you finding South Africa/ Cape Town?" Weeeeeelllll...I looked it up on Google Earth once, seen it on maps and the globe of course, then a plane flew me here, so I just sat there and let the pilot find it, and since I can't drive, I just let Raoul find it now. Despite the fact that I've yet to find CT on my own except on a map, I'm loving it.  (For you American readers, "how are you finding..." is another way of asking "how do you like..") Read more about How am I finding Cape Town?...

Well, one of the main questions I'm asked these days is, "So, how are things?"

"Um, fine. What do you mean?"

"You know, things with, with Hannah."

"Oh. fine thanks."

It's like people expect things to be not good or wonky or something. Both Hannah and I knew we would be fine, so when people ask us questions like that we are not sure what they're asking. Read more about Life with my lady...

Well, yesterday at work I started the day feeling fine, but by the time I reached lunch time I was not feeling well at all. I had a sore throat, a runny nose and a headache. Not the easiest of conditions to concentrate on work with.

And then last night, while I was sleeping, my throat got worse. So then this morning I called in sick to work, and made an appointment to see the doctor.

So the doctor took a look in my throat and said, "hmmm... it's not looking kosher inside here..." Read more about It's not fun being sick...

The eagle has landed!

Erm, no, not the eagle, Hannah has.

Just to let all those 3 people who read our blog know that Hannah arrived safely on Thursday morning, and we have been having a wonderful time running around these first couple of days, meeting parents and other people.

Hannah and I are fully adjusted to each other. I think it took us about half an hour, and we were 100% relaxed and comfortable with each other. Hannah says it feels like we've always been together, and I can agree to that. Read more about Four days of bliss!...

"Yes, she's coming this week."

"Yes, she's landing on Thursday morning."

"No, I'm not excited."

How many times do I have to answer these questions? I've told everyone repeatedly for the last 3 months that Hannah is arriving on Thursday the 10th of May. Please don't ask me again!!

And no, I'm not excited. I have other things (like work) to deal with right now, so I'm leaving my excitement till Thursday morning when Hannah arrives.

AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!! I'm so sick and tired of the questions!  Read more about Frustrations!!...

Yep, it's my birthday! Today I am nineteen. This is probably the most birthday wishes I've ever received in my life...and the majority of them are from South Africa- how cool is that? You people are awesome!

Well, as everyone can tell by now, unlike Raoul, I'm a lazy blogger. I've just never been the type to regularly post things. It's not for lack of time or any valid reason either. Mostly I think I just don't have a whole lot to write about. Ah well...perhaps I'll learn in time.

Packing has been going very well! I have one suitcase completely packed, and one suitcase about halfway done. If it weren't for the fact I still need clothes the next few days it would probably be done as well, hehe. Read more about Lazy Blogger...

I have decided that since I can see myself writing a number of more theologically based blogs in future, to rather separate them and create an articles page where you can read all my articles. I've moved the 3 that I have written so far to the articles page, and I've updated those blog entries to have a little introduction and then a link to the article.

So from now on the more mundane parts of this adventure called life will be found in the blog, while the theological papers I will be producing will fill up the articles section of the site. Read more about Writing articles...

It seems to me that more and more people these days get their ideas of what love, relationships and marriage are about from the movie stars. They seem to think that the more boy friends or girlfriends you have before you get married, the better. I mean, how else are you going to know who the right one for you is? Find out what areal relationship is like in my article Real relationships. Read more about Real relationships...