31 Days of Parenting Littles: Teach

It's funny how sometimes you teach your children something, only to have them teach you more about it themselves. As Christian parents, one of the things we want to teach our children is that a relationship with God is important. The outward religious trappings- going to church, following traditions, etc, can at times fall by the wayside, but we need to maintain that relationship with Christ. So one of the ways we teach that is to model prayer- that's how we talk to God. We tend to say a simple, recited prayer at meal times, and then a spontaneous, conversational prayer about our days and other things that are important to us at bedtime, with other prayers randomly throughout the day as things come up.

It's amazed me seeing how Zak has learned and grown in this area. He often thinks to pray before I do. If he sees a picture of a baby that is crying or in the hospital, he immediately asks to pray for them to get better. Sometimes he'll also just spontaneously pray aloud to thank God for things, or to tell God something. He also offers to pray for any of the family that is feeling sick. He prayed for me often during my pregnancy when I was having pain.

This post is part of my 31 Days of 5 Minute Free Writes. See my first post if you haven't heard of 5 minute free writes.