Zak's play pretend games

Zak loves to play pretend. One of his favourite things to pretend is that he's a dinosaur. He stomps around the house roaring. The other night I was playing along while I was sitting on a chair and reading, and I said, "Oh no! It's a scary dinosaur! Mommy's scared!" Right away Zak stopped roaring and looked at me, very concerned. He came up to me with his head tilted and a concerned look on his face and reached out and gently rubbed my arm. He said, " 'S okay sweetheart, 's not scary." I couldn't help it, it was so funny and cute I cracked up. It must have sounded a little bit like I could be crying to him, because he kept shaking his head and saying, " 'S not scary, Mommy." He certainly can be adorable, and I love it that he's so sweet and empathetic.

Just a few minutes ago Zak was lying on the floor reading one of his favourite books, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Near the end after the caterpillar has eaten through all of the food, the caterpillar has a stomach ache and has a very sad look on his face. When Zak looks at this page he often feels bad for the caterpillar and tells us that the caterpillar is crying. Today he took it a step further. "Mommy look, caterpillar crying! Poor caterpillar! Caterpillar crying, need a doctor!" Then he ran over to the toy box. "Need a helicopter- quick! Then he went back to the book and pretended to pick the caterpillar up off the page and put him in the helicopter to go to the doctor. I was very impressed by how elaborate and well-thought out his plan was to help the poor caterpillar with a stomach ache!