I have news! Me! Me! Me! Pick me!

I have two new websites! Yep, that's right, ME, not hubby!

I made a New Years resolution to take [at least] two pictures per day- one of Zak, and one of "something else", as Raoul put it. So now I'm the proud owner of two photoblogs (thanks honey)!

My general photoblog is called Photo365, which you can view at http://photo365.info. Then you can get your daily dose of cuteness (aka, see my pictures of Zak) at zak365, located at http://zak365.info. They're not quite up to date yet, but they will be soon!

Also, don't worry, I'll continue to post pictures of Zak here as well, but I won't be uploading them on a regular basis like I will on my photoblog. Speaking of pictures of Zak, has everyone seen the pictures of his first Christmas now?