A visit to the clinic

Today we finally got around to taking Zak to the clinic for his vaccinations. Apparently they usually start at 6 weeks, and I thought he'd be getting some at his 6 week doctor's appointment, but the doctor doesn't give vaccinations so we ended up with a clinic appointment for 10 weeks instead.

The clinic we went to runs out of the same building that the midwives I saw for the pregnancy do, so it was nice to be in familiar territory even though Susan and Ciska weren't in today. Sister Ceredwyn (she refers to herself as "Cred"), was very nice, and very impressed at how calm and happy Zak was while we were discussing things. (He was, of course, being a perfect angel and charming the socks off her like he does everyone!)

Zak was weighed and measured, and we found out that he now weighs 5 kg (11lb 3 oz), and is 61 cm tall (24 in). He's gained 2.5 kg and grew 6 cm since birth! At his 6 week appointment he weighed 4.3 kg and was 59 cm tall, so he's definitely growing well! He's tall for his age with an average weight, which means he looks pretty slim because of how tall he is.

When it was time to get his vaccinations, Zak did well. He took the oral vaccine very well- surprised Sr Ceredwyn! She said a lot of exclusively breastfed babies tend to spit it out, but Zak did great. He had to get two injections, one in each thigh- he did cry a bit (naturally!), but didn't get hysterical, and once he fed for a little while afterwards he didn't make another peep. He got the vaccinations this morning, and it's now 10 pm and he hasn't had any side effects except for perhaps being slightly more sleepy than usual. I hope he continues to feel fine and that it always goes so easily!