My opinions on the United States election

On facebook recently, I've seen a number of people (from various countries, including South Africa, but mostly Americans) set their statuses giving their opinions on the election, who they will be voting for, who they hope to win, etc. I haven't said anything in my status about the matter, but I do have strong opinions about it. Today one of my friends posted their status to say that they hope Obama will win the election. I have several friends who have posted statuses favoring Obama (and a couple for McCain as well), and I haven't responded, however, another person commented on their status, saying "Heaven forbid McCain/Palin win the election!". Now THAT is a statement that begged a response from me. Here is what I said in return:

"Unfortunately, neither McCain or Obama are good choices for president. Obama is the most extreme abortion advocate to ever come near the White House (and he'll probably win). He not only approves the abortion laws already in place, he promotes partial birth abortions- full term, and would even deny babies who are born healthy in those procedures basic medical care. He also would create laws that force doctors to perform abortions, regardless of their moral views, or they could lose their practice. He also says that informed consent is not necessary (a woman doesn't need to be informed of her options or what an abortion is actually like), and that parents of minors don't need to be informed of their child getting an abortion. I pray that God doesn't allow these things to come to pass, but Obama has promised on numerous occasions that if he wins the presidency, they will. That being said, McCain is an all-around slimeball as well, and I wouldn't want him as president either."

Initially hearing about Obama, I favoured him over McCain. Obama was reportedly a Christian, he seemed sincere, he's "for the people", a charismatic speaker, and of course it would be exciting to see the first black president come into office. I didn't like McCain- his campaign tactics were vicious and underhanded, even worse than other elections I've seen and heard about, and beyond that, he's just NOT likeable (in my opinion).

As I've read more about each candidate though, I've discovered things about each of them that make me think neither of them would be a decent president. McCain is a known philanderer. So was Clinton, but at least that wasn't discovered until after he was elected. Clinton's morals DID affect the country, and not in a good way. Bush had made mistakes, sure, but I don't doubt his morals or his sincerety, or his relationship with Christ.

Likewise, I also found a major problem with Obama, and that is his abortion policies. The democratic party is "pro-choice" (pro-abortion) as a whole- rarely does a pro-life person come into any kind of leadership position in the democratic party. Obama however is one of the most radically pro-abortion people I've ever read about though. He's said the first thing he'll do as president will be to sign the "Freedom of Choice" Act, which will bring about the things I discussed above in my comment.

How could I support either of these candidates? Which is worse? McCain is also pro-abortion, but not as radically so as Obama. He would advocate turning over decisions on abortion issues to individual states. In some states this *could* technically tighten the laws, but with the state of America today, I find that unlikely, in which case things could get just as bad on the abortion front under McCain as it would under Obama. Like I said, I don't think either of them is a good choice.

In praying for the States I no longer know whether to pray for mercy or judgment. All I can say is, God's will be done.

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