Stylin' and Profilin'!

Well, normally I don't blog until Raoul has begged, pleaded, and lectured for at least a couple weeks and has finally ended up chaining me to the computer, but I decided to break my pattern just this once because I'm so excited!

I've been talking to Raoul for months about how "I just don't know what to do with my hair!" (I know, how more typically girly can you get, right?) Of course, Raoul, being a guy, is very practical about the whole thing and has just told me (every time I've brought it up), that I should stop talking about it and just decide what I want and go for it! I'm all for that approach, but the thing is, I've never really known what I wanted, which makes it exceedingly difficult to actually go about doing it! Should I keep growing it out? Should I get a trim and then continue growing it? Layers? Go short again? Decisions, decisions... I've never been very decisive about my hair, and I've tried quite a few styles over the years. I prefer it when I can just go to someone and tell them to have fun and cut it into something that looks decent on me, but there are very few people who will actually take you seriously when you say that. (Thankfully my mom cut my hair most of the time growing up, and she did take that seriously, which means I got some truly fabulolus hairstyles that I wouldn't necessarily have thought of, and wound up loving them.)

Well, today I spent the day with the Warton's, and I often do on Thursdays, and shared my hair woes with Liesl, who is back from England for a couple months. Liesl has done a bit of hairdressing, and when I mentioned that I was looking for a new style, I could see the wheels start to turn. She grabbed a piece of paper and quickly sketched out a hairstyle and asked me if I liked it. I did, and funnily enough, it's the sort of style I'd had in my head for a couple years and never quite been able to explain. So there we had it! I would get my new style, and Liesl would cut it for me!

It turned out BEAUTIFULLY! It's basically in two layers, one just past my shoulders, and one just below my chin, parted on the side (right side, for any hair enthusiasts who care to know the details). I absolutely love how it turned out, and it was so fun to have Liesl cut it! I'll have to get pictures up soon!