Hurricane's a-comin'!

Well, it may not compare to hurricane's elsewhere in the world, but it's certainly been a big storm that just hit South Africa. One of IOL's articles on the storm calls it "the worst storm to hit South Africa since 2001". I wasn't here in 2001, so I really wouldn't know, but this storm has been quite impressive.

Strand, which is about half an hour away from where Raoul and I live, has had to deal with massive flooding in areas. Raoul and I were looking at pictures of the flooding yesterday. and in some places the water is about a metre deep or more. There have been problems with flooding in other places as well.

Raoul and I haven't been affected by the storm very much, except that we've been absolutely freezing for the past week. Raoul has also had to deal with some hassles with the train lines due to the storm- quite a few delays and such, as parts of the train lines haven't been running. The train line from Kalk Bay to Simonstown hasn't been running because the train track is right next to the sea, and the huge waves from the storm could easily do a great amount of damage to the trains. Thankfully that part of the train line is only after Raoul gets off (for those of you who don't know the area).

On Sunday it hailed at our house twice, small hailstones that didn't do any damage. The wind has been the biggest hazard where we are I think. On our way to church on Sunday, Raoul and I noticed two signs that had been blown down, one a billboard type sign advertising the new housing complexes (which is only about 20 or so metres away from our house, outside the complex), and one street sign.

Yesterday Raoul and I stopped to take some pictures of the waves (which as I've said, are quite impressive). One wave caught me by surprise and I wound up with my shoes soaked through. Raoul of course was more observant and managed to stay dry. Despite my soaked feet, I quite enjoyed the outing. Seeing the surf that high was quite a sight.

Seeing the damage that has taken place in other areas (some quite nearby), and reading news stories detailing the flooding, fires, and power outages has made me feel even more blessed that we've been safe and sound, with a roof over our heads, and everything we need.