Photo Printing

Well, Raoul and I had quite a bit of fun earlier today. Raoul is currently reviewing the Epson Stylus CX8300 printer so he can write a review for IOL Technologies. Last night Raoul brought the printer home from work, and this morning he opened it up to get everything going. Inside the box we discovered some more goodies with the printer- 50 pieces of small, normal size pieces of photo paper, and several pieces of A4 size photo paper, as well as an extra set of ink cartridges. Now we REALLY got ready to have some fun.

We were given a lovely wedding album from Gran (Raoul's grandmother), but hadn't gotten around to getting photos printed for it. Well, now with this printer and a bunch of free photo paper, it certainly looked like a perfect opportunity for us, so off we went!

After printing a few photos of the cats to test the quality, we began printing out all our best wedding photos. They look absolutely lovely, and in most of the photos you can't even tell that they were taken with a digital camera. We now have the wedding album pretty well-filled, as well as having put a couple photos in frames as well. We had a very fun and productive morning.

I think Raoul should review things like this more often!