A Promotion

Yes, that's right. I got a promotion. I'm in my last month of probation (we have a 3 month probation period to prove we're worthy of the position) so if all goes well, as of the 1st of July, I will officially be a Senior Developer. And, from the whispers I have heard, that will mean a pay increase.

I'm really glad about it, as you can no doubt imagine, but it does mean more responsibility, and a slight change in job requirements. As a senior developer I have to assist the other developers where required, mentor our junior developer, and meet with various folks to spec out their requirements and estimate project length.

It's a challenge to me to do all these things, and it keeps me on my toes. However, it does mean I get to do less development work, and that makes me a little frustrated. As a developer, I love to write code, and now, as a senior developer, I'm writing less code and attending more meetings.

One of the things that I am enjoying though, is mentoring our junior developer, Unathi. She's fresh out of university, and needs a lot of attention and coaching. I'm enjoying working one-to-one with her, helping her understand what needs to be done and how to do it.

So these days I'm still enjoying work, I find it challenging, but I also find it tiring and stressful at times. I've come home and taken a nap before getting up to do my usual bits of work and social interaction on the web. All in a days work though, I guess.