General Status Update

Well, I just thought I'd post a general update on what's been happening the last while, and where we're at and where we're going (or hoping to).

For starters, we're pretty much settled in here in our new house. We dont anticipate moving any time soon, and we don't really want to either. The cats are getting along very well now. They both have times when they're irritated with the other (Keena moreso than Merlo), but that's normal, even for humans Wink. We haven't got EVERYTHING unpacked and put away yet, but we've got most of the house tidied up (especially when I get a bee in my bonnet every now and then about the state of the house), and everything we need is out.

In terms of connectivity, communication, and Internet, we still don't have a permanent connection. We've been using my cellphone, and it's 3G capabilities, which is a lot better than dialup, but still no good for anything that requires a fast connection (voice and video in particular). I'm looking at getting HSDPA, which is a kind of a wireless broadband, and can deliver a much better connection at the same price as a traditional ADSL broadband connection.

We won't be getting a land-line at the house, as Telkom still has not reponded to my order which I placed nearly 4 months ago. Unfortunately Neotel, the new telecoms company, has yet to establish any believeable presence here in Cape Town, so they're also out of the question. Both Hannah and I have cellphones, and the less bills to pay the better, so we'llĀ  be sticking with them.

Winter is coming on slowly, and with that, the colds and flu. I have just spent a week at home, with a really bad cold. Of course if I'd spent a significant part of that week in bed sleeping, I probably would have gotten better sooner, but me and my ants in my pants means that I find it difficult doing that. Hannah now has the cold, but she's getting over it sooner than I did, by the looks of things. She actually DOES stay in bed.

In more Raoul-centred news, is approaching it's 1.0.1 release (fixing a bunch of bugs). It should be out soonish, probably in about two or three weeks time. Our 2.x development team is still enthusiastic, although a little quieter, and we'll probably start coding in the next month or so (I reckon).

That's all from me for now. Life goes on, and so do we.