Sorry for the silence...

Hi Folks,

My most humble apologies to all those folks who like to read our blog. We've been a little on the busy side lately, or a little on the lazy side (take your pick) and haven't written anything in ages.

Well, we had a good Christmas, the first as a couple. We decided to stay home and have our own Christmas lunch, which was delicious and nice and relaxing. Actually, we ended up only having lunch at 17:00 because we fell asleep on the bed shortly after getting home from Church!

On Boxing day (the day after Christmas, which is also a public holiday) we went to visit my folks in Paarl, and had the Snyman family Christmas meal. Unfortuntely due to Church commitments, it's a little hard to fit in lunch with the folks as well. It was good to chat and laugh with Dirk and Etienne while we were there.

After that we spent a few more days relaxing, as I had take the Thursday and Friday off work as well. It was good to get a rest, especially after the last 3 months of rather frantic work.

In the mean time, we've also had to go out looking for a new house, because the owner of the house we're renting at the moment has decided to come back to South Africa. My only problem with this house-hunting has been all the estate agents who want to rip you off with a superfluous "lease fee". It's a pile of rubbish, and I know it. I know for a fact that it can cost as little as R16 to do a credit check on a person, and the lowest lease fee I have heard of so far was R500. Someone wanted to charge me over R800, and another estate agent just plain refused to disclose their lease fee when I asked. It's absolutely ridiculous!

I've even contemplated creating a site for ordinary people to list their rental properties and have a credit check performed for them, at a minimum cost to them, and listings and placings all for free. We'll see where that goes...

Well, that's all from me for now, I must get back to work!