The Happiest Day Of My Life

Now, I have to start off by saying that I don't know why it's called the happiest day of your life, because my wedding day wasn't. I was too busy making sure everything was going to be ready, and then too busy concentrating on not making any mistakes when I said my vows, etc. Having said that, however, I did enjoy the day, and was really glad to finally be married to my wonderful wife.

Some of my married friends said that I shouldn't worry about anything that goes wrong, because it only makes the day more memorable. Well, I'm pleased to say that we didn't have anything go wrong. There were a few minor mistakes, but nothing went wrong.

Ask anyone who has organised any event, and they'll tell you that the week before the event is usually a frantic dash of last-minute arrangements. The last week before our wedding was no different. We were organising table arrangements, programmes, etc.

Friday 28 September, 3:30am:

This darn printer! I'm trying to print out the programmes for Saturday, and just as printers are so typical of doing, mine is misbehaving. I've already printed out the one side of the programmes, now as I get to about half way through the second side, the printer decides to choke. TYPICAL! Pull paper out, kill print job, restart printer. Ok, phew, now it's working again. Just a minor printer problem this time. Back to bed I go... I started this at 10 last night, and went to bed because it was taking so long.

Friday 28 September, 8:30pm:

I'm finally home, after setting up the hall for the reception. Wow, it looks fantastic. Léhane and her mom really came through with the flower arrangements... they look GORGEOUS! We got all the tables in the right places, the bridal table set up as well, everything set out, and decorations on the tables. Hannah's family came and helped out, bringing their side of the decorations. Once we were set up, we headed home, and I dropped Hannah off at the Wartons, as per our arrangement, so that she could get ready there in the morning. Now it's my last slog... all the rest of the preparations need to be done, and I need to pack our bags for the honeymoon too.

Friday 28 September, 10:30pm:

Darn! Another printer problem! This one is an easy one to fix, but I can't fix it right now... I'm running out of ink. Both the colour and the black catridges seem to be empty... at the same time... figure that. I've printed about ¼ of the fronts for the programmes... with the little flowers Hannah likes. I guess I'll have to buy some ink on the way to the church tomorrow morning, and then print the rest out there. Thank goodness I have Hannah's laptop, it's set up to use the printer already, and the printer is small and portable. We'll have to lug it round with us on honeymoon, but I think that's ok. Well, now it's back to packing my and Hannah's clothes for the honeymoon, and getting everything else ready.

Saturday 29 September, 1:30am:

Ok, that's most of the stuff done. I'm dead tired, I'm going to bed. I can get up early tomorrow and finish everything else off in the morning. Right now, however, I need some sleep.

Saturday 29 September, 9:00am:

Well, I've printed a few more programme fronts, but now my ink is well and truly dry. I told Vuyani I'll be picking his sound system up at 9:30, and it looks like I'm running on time, for once. I've got everything else done, packing is complete, and now all that remains is for me to pack the car and get going.

Saturday 29 September, 10:05am:

I've just arrived at the church. No sign of anyone else, but I'm sure they'll arrive soon. I managed to pick up some ink catridges for the printer at Tokai Computers, a computer shop that Charles Oertel has mentioned in the past. They told me I can actually bring my empty cartridges back to them for a guaranteed refill, which costs less than half the price of the new ones. The sound system fitted in my car ok. Had a bunch of stuff on the front seat, and the 2 speakers on the back seat, but it worked. Wow, my car is loaded!

Saturday 29 September, 12:30pm:

Well, no problems printing out the remainder of the programmes. Luke and Jon-David arrived early, so they both got stuck into putting the programs together while I worked on table settings and did some general running around. Mom arrived a little early as well, and helped set table arrangements, since there were a few more guests coming than I'd expected, and so I needed to make room for them. Well, the hall is finally done, and ready for the reception. I've just changed into my clothes for the wedding, and gotten my rose pinned on my lapel. Now I have to go upstairs and await my bride!

I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking about the wedding and the reception (not up yet). As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.