A quiet week ahead

Well, I'm hoping that this new week is going to be a little quieter than last week. Work-wise it wasn't a good week. With running around after the different items for Hannah's Relative Permit, I had to either go into work early, or go in late and work late. Of course at the same time I was working part time on a project for a friend, and so I was having late nights, or rather, early mornings, and that didn't help my productivity at all.

So this week, with mostly bug fixes on the part time project, and no trips to Home Affairs and doctors and radiologists and the like, I'm hoping to be about 3 times more productive than usual at work, and get some work done for once!

One thing that IS on the cards this week is Dirk's late birthday party and welcome home party after his stint in Belgium. So Hannah and I felt it would be appropriate to be there. Oh, and my birthday at the end of this week.

Anyways... I'll leave the details of the Home Affairs trip to my very much able lady to explain.