Doctors and X-Rays

Yesterday I scooted off to work at 6 in the morning so that I could rush home early and take Hannah to the doctor for a medical checkup. One of the things that she needs to get her spousal visa is a doctor's certificate that says she's healthy. The interesting part of that is that the receptionist got our booking wrong, after she wrote it down when I made the booking. I recounted what happened, and she had to concede defeat and we had to wait a bit for the doctor to finish up with the people who had erroneously been given our slot. At least we got the checkup done, and it was all over in about 5 minutes.

The this morning I had to take Hannah off to a radiologist (a nice lady from the little I saw of her) for x-rays. Also for Home Affairs. Those should be processed today and be available tomorrow. Thursday I'll go and fetch them and we'll go to Home Affairs and hand the whole caboodle in.

What a palava! Oh well, it's not *that* bad. At least we're managing to get everything sorted out quickly and easily. It's less hassle than I imagined. Now at this stage I need my bank statements, proof of residency, and 2 letters. One letter that says that I plan to marry this woman, and that I will take care of her financially while she's in the country and unable to support herself, and the other letter that says that this application is late because we had to get x-rays, statements, etc and only found out about this last Wednesday and I had to run around and try to fit all of it in despite my work.

The two officials that I saw at Home Affairs last time seemed very reasonable and kind, so the fact that we're a few days late shouldn't be too much of a problem. At least I'm hoping so.

Anyways, back to work!