A Trip To Home Affairs

Well, this morning was the morning. The trip to Home Affairs to have Hannah's Visitor's Permit (aka Holiday Visa) renewed.

Having been tipped off, we went to the Wynberg Home Affairs office, and were directed down to their "Immigration" section, which had a short queue: 1 person. So we joined the queue, and when it was our turn, explained the situation to the official. He then told us to get the spouse permit, rather than a visitor's permit, and see if we could return by the 8th. Of course that's rather unrealistic, but the official told us that we'd be able to squeak in with a letter that says that we couldn't make the appointment any earlier because of work and other things.

The spousal permit is much better than a visitor's permit, because with that Hannah is allowed to work and do a number of things that she wasn't allowed to do on a visitor's permit. Much better. And then it's one step less, and less money spent as well, in our process to get permanent residence for Hannah once we're married.