Wedding plans underway

Well, we've picked up on our wedding plans again. We've started looking for a place for our reception, and Hannah has found some interesting things wedding dress wise (but I'll let her talk about that herself, I know she'd love to).

Léhane has already offered her and her mom's services with some of the decorations at the reception. Hannah's mom has offered her help and has a few nifty ideas up her sleeve. Irene is making the wedding dress and Léhane's bridesmaid dress. I think Irene is also up to something for the guys, but I'm still not sure exactly what I am going to be wearing! Unfortunately because our other bridesmaid, Lexi, is not in Cape Town, Irene won't be making her dress. Lexi fortunately has managed to organise someone to make it for her, so I'm very happy about that.

We know of course that the wedding ceremony is going to be at Holy Trinity Church, Gardens - there was never really any doubt about it, but I actually haven't asked Alan formally. I think I'll wait until we've had a premarital counselling session and he can see how serious Hannah and I really are, and how God has put us together, before I ask him about using the church and him preaching the sermon.

Hannah and I have a few scriptures in mind for our wedding, but we're not 100% sure of them yet. We feel that our "theme" for our marriage is along the lines of, "what God has joined together let no man rent asunder," and so we're gonna be using scripture passages that highlight that theme.

On a more personal note, I refuse to have 1 Corinthians 13 read at our marriage. I don't believe that it is a relevant passage for a marriage. While it talks of love, the context of that passage is a conflicting church, not a wedding!

I had a bit of a brainwave yesterday, and thought that we should make someone the Reception Co-ordinator. This would be someone who doesn't necessarily run around on the day, but a person who delegates tasks and work to other people and makes sure things run smoothly.

I also wondered at the same time how much effort it would be to organise some people to make eats for the reception. We're planning on having an afternoon tea, so we'd only need snacks (although enough to keep 80 people from starving for about 2 hours). Hannah's mom has already volunteered her services in helping out with something like that. Of course during the reception she'd be with us at the master table, but beforehand she could help out with the manufacturing of the snacks.

And of course we'd need cutlery and crockery for the reception if we go our own route. But since it is just snacks and drinks, that wouldn't be too expensive.

Hmmm.... plenty  more to ponder, plenty more to think about... but right now I think it's bed time, so I'm going to turn in.