Life with my lady

Well, one of the main questions I'm asked these days is, "So, how are things?"

"Um, fine. What do you mean?"

"You know, things with, with Hannah."

"Oh. fine thanks."

It's like people expect things to be not good or wonky or something. Both Hannah and I knew we would be fine, so when people ask us questions like that we are not sure what they're asking.

To be honest, we really haven't had much to get used to. When you chat every day for a few hours, then after a year, you've gotten to know most of the other person. There are a few things here and there, one or two likes or dislikes where we differ, but as any couple should, we resolve them, usually through some sort of compromise. Nothing is impossible when you are committed to each other and to God. It brings Philippians 4:13 to mind, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

And what a first few weeks we have had. Both of us being sick with tonsillitis, first me and then Hannah, rushing here, doing that, busy and full weekends. We get to Monday morning and we heave a sigh of relief, "Phew!I t's Monday!"

To be honest, we might have been busy, but it's not much to talk about. Mostly Church activities. We did visit my parents, we've gone to watch a movie a couple of times, and visit a few friends.

Oh, and to those who are eager to see more photos of us together, we'll put them up shortly. We just haven't gotten to plugging the cameras into the computer and copying the photos across yet. I'll put that on my to-do list.