It's not fun being sick

Well, yesterday at work I started the day feeling fine, but by the time I reached lunch time I was not feeling well at all. I had a sore throat, a runny nose and a headache. Not the easiest of conditions to concentrate on work with.

And then last night, while I was sleeping, my throat got worse. So then this morning I called in sick to work, and made an appointment to see the doctor.

So the doctor took a look in my throat and said, "hmmm... it's not looking kosher inside here..."

"You've got tonsilitis," he announced to me, "I'm glad you came soon enough. Your body started fighting back, but it's like a soccer match, and it's 2-nil at half time to the tonsilitis. I'm gonna put you on an antibiotic, and then you need to get your bum back in bed."

So I have been booked off work today and tomorrow. Which is frustrating. I have work to do, and a fair amount, so I could do with being at work. Ah well, I suppose I'll be just as useless at work if I was there, than not being there.