Tautology - Repetition of the same idea in different words

"Retarded politicians!" was my frustration put into words, at which a friend commented that what I had said was tautology. Tautology? I looked up the definition and found, "Repetition of the same idea in different words". Yes.

The cause of my frustration? Some politician on his way to work this morning, on the N2, in his little convoy with police forcing cars out of the way so that they could drive, about 20 kph ABOVE the speed limit, unhassled. What's the deal?

I think that it's HIGH TIME these people started to learn how to drive for themselves, and then get themselves stuck in rush hour traffic, just like the rest of us. You know what the problem is with these politicians? Exactly that. They are removed from reality.

None of them actually lives in the real South Africa. Like old Mbeki putting up a R90 million security wall around his house... You say crime isn't a problem Mr Mbeki?! All them politicians live in their luxury estates, surrounded by security walls and electric fences, 24 hour armed security and then get chauffeured to work in the mornings by metro police officers who push everyone else out the way, worsening the already bad traffic, through speed cameras, don't get fined, and delivered safely to parliament.

As we have already asked many politicians, "Come walk through our streets, come live in our world. Get out of your secure houses, and come live here in the real South Africa. Come live for a week in Bishop Lavis, Guguletu, Khayalitsha, Lavender Hill, Mitchells Plain, Grassy Park. Come drive yourself in your own car through the rush hour traffic at 7 in the morning."