Ernie II and the Dolphin

We'd like to say a warm welcome to Ernie II, the successor to Ernie the First. He arrived today and has speedily made himself at home with the others. This time I didn't get an orange fantail, I got a brownish looking fish, similar to Harry, the more goldfish-looking one.

While I was there, I also got a Dolphin. No, not a water mammal, a water filter. It's like the one in Finding Nemo that little Nemo had to swim into and lodge a stone in. VERY quiet, and it looks like it's making a difference to the water already. Fortunately this one is too small for the fish to swim into, and it has a little protector part for the pipe that sticks into the water.

There are pictures of Ernie and the Dolphin in the Pets image gallery.