Visiting the parents

Well, yesterday I went to visit the folks for the day out in Paarl. Dad has been whining since goodness knows when about me going to visit them out in Paarl, so in order to quiet him and keep the peace, I freed up yesterday to do the deed.

Anyways, so I pretty much mooched there for most of the day. Didn't really do much.

They have completed the renovations to the house, and some of it is looking stunning. They redid the main bathroom (the one everyone uses, not the en-suite - they did their room and bathroom years ago) and it's now looking stunning. I wish dad had done it years ago when we were living there... but that's the way Dad works... at least now I'm living by myself, and with Hannah joining me shortly, we can make our own bathroom look pretty when we eventually get our own house.

Dad is really getting into his clock-fixing business, and enjoying it. He bought a whole lot of broken clocks the other week and now he's going to fix them and sell them off for a lot more then he bought them!

Mom is continuing doing her usual, keeping the house in order, supporting Dad, etc. Nothing much new on her side.

Well, that's about all I can say about my visit. It wasn't very exciting.